by EK Thongprasert
AW 2013


Dream a Dream

“Dream a Dream” was inspired by “Sky Mirror” from Indian-born British artist called “Anish Kapoor” Reflective Sculpture is a genre of art that reflects its surroundings into the work piece and likewise, distorts the visionary of the beholder.

‘Did we begin to lose our own identity?’, ‘What is our real identity?’ The questions arise out of the current living. The ‘Reflective Sculpture’ work is compared as the way to disguise the appearance by putting other physical objects onto themselves, and merge with them.

‘Dream a Dream’ is a journey to discover the genuine identity in the 20’s, the superficial social structure. In this age, people were fascinated with social culture, were integrated into society, and eventually lost their own identity which leads to the identity exploration and expression through romantic poet.

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