by EK Thongprasert
AW 2015



Curated is a Meaning Alchemist who is ready to gather inspirations and merge ideas from different cultures and times then translate the perfect mixture into sophisticated ready-to-wear clothes, so for this AW 2015 Collection Curated bringing in the new sensation for clothes.

Inspired by Daniel Arsham recent art’s exhibition “The future is always now” and a world famous Japanese writer-Murakami Haruki for I Q84; both pieces shared the same concept of time and space. Both creators changed a fundamental element in the core memory and projected a totally new substance that will leave us to question and wonder in our mind about existing in a present world.

“2Q15” is also projected a same kind of experiences, by thinking a new world which leads by rich and powerful African continent whose controls the world by their strong economic and politic policy. An African culture was not only become a standard for all other countries to follow but it was become something so essential in their life that could not live without.

Curated collection Autumn-2015 brings an audience a total new experience of African culture. Inspired by African mask, Scarification ritual, body painting art and jewelry then turn them into unique ready to wear clothes that full of story that tells through beads and crystal. Every little small detail is add to complete the look through the embroidery and printed technique that inspired by African culture. Each silhouette is finely made to take you to the parallel world in year 2Q15. The finely cut ready to wear clothes are ready to challenge people’s mind and that’s what make Curated stand out than other brand. “

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