by EK Thongprasert
AW 2014


Sleeping Beauty

“Sometimes you’re not realize what is really precious in your life until it had been gone forever. “ This collection is reflected my deepest personal emotion toward a sudden death of my beloved mother. Like a Victorian era, mourning had to be done from the one who left behind and this is how I mourned to the memory that lies beneath my life.

Inspired by Damien Hirst’s “ The Immortal” 1997-2005. “Sleeping Beauty “ AW 14-15 collection from Curated by Ek Thongprasert metaphors a symbolic of eternal beauty which kept in the glass coffin along with the princess Aurora with a frozen moment not only in visually way but also conceptual way. The collection had separated into 3 different themes – Freeze Body, Freeze Memory and Freeze Moment. Each part of collection tell a concept of sleeping beauty through a different curated ‘s design key elements, which is Innovative craft, original digital print pattern and experimental cut.

Collection construction

Part one (FREEZE BODY) – this part of collection reflects a beauty that kept in the soulless body not only dead one but including the stone statue that reference to someone that use to be alive. This part of collection explores on innovative craft that is one of the key elements from Curated by Ek Thongprasert. Leather, silicone liquid, fur and PVC sheet had been transformed into low relief texture’s detail that assembly to the one that found on mostly in the stone statue.
Part two (FREEZE MEMORY) – Memories always stay inside the object that belongs to its owner, similar to a mourning jewelry in Victorian era. This part of collection use an ordinary daily object from both man and woman, such as piece of jewelry, cigarette, ,metal chain, to create a printing pattern which structure based from the Baroque period. Moreover, these symbolic elements had been transformed into small detail from waistband to neckline decoration.
Part three (FREEZE MOMENT) – The last part of this collection from Curated by EK Thongprasert described the invaluable moment that bound people together, by metaphor with a beauty of contemporary dance’s choreographs, a special cut that combine drape and tailor technique had been dominated this part of collection together with a stop motion photo’s print from a dancer.

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