by EK Thongprasert
SS 2015



Inspired by Jeff Koons’s “Michael Jackson and Bubbles” 1988, “Grey Garden” an American documentary from 1975 and “The Borrowers” a children novel by English author Mary Norton from 1952. The collection challenges the audience about their perception on several different surface elements that define wealth, power and social status in modern world, from delicate French lace, complicate sequin, very luxury gold jewelry to iconic crocodile leather and all those elements that found mostly in wealth society.

For old money type of society, where their images and names are their most essential elements in life, the concept of wealth deception seems to be perfect when they lost all their fortune and power. In order to keep all those superficial on their surface, the concept was explored through different techniques that we find would be most deceptive from a distance but with a closer look, the lies and deception is very visible.

For example, a top with Cartier’s iconic necklace would give the impression of someone’s financial status, but look more closely and you see it has been painted on.

Dresses with expensive looking fabrics are actually made from jacquard fabrics imitating old furniture. What seems like intricate embroidery work is actually stamped on patterns to create such illusion. On the other hand, the collection also explores another controversial stereotype group of nouveau riche. Where these groups of people are blessed with financial property in most recent times.

They are showered in sumptuous life style and objects and would like to make sure those who laid eyes on them can see that. The expression of this concept was through the expression of motifs, lace and fabrics that are considered to represent wealth and richness of a person. Both blowup lace and embroidery motif had been made into basic shape dresses and laces arranged in such a way that does not suggest traditional pattern, in order to re-introduce those classic elements into something new and modern. Curated is a conceptual fashion’s brand for men and women, which fuses between various design’s fields of creativity and simple everyday clothes. A result is something extraordinary and timeless

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